Ed Hoppe is a patient with prostate cancer who received genetic testing with the Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer test. From this test, he discovered he had a mutation in his BRCA1 gene, classifying his cancer as hereditary. Ed’s youngest daughter, Ellen Hoppe, took the myRisk test and found out she was positive for the same mutation. This inspired Ed’s oldest daughter, Emily Madden, to take the test and she too found out that she was BRCA1 positive.

“Growing up, I remember every time there was a funeral or someone passed away that was in my family it was like, well they had cancer – that is usually how they died,” said Emily.

After Emily found out that her father had prostate cancer and her sister tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, she decided she had to be tested right away. She was 10 weeks pregnant and going in for her first prenatal appointment for her second child, and at the same appointment she was going to take the myRisk Hereditary Cancer test to find out if she was BRCA1 positive.

“The next week my doctor called me and told me that I had positive results,” stated Emily. That is when she started reading more about the mutation and realized that there are other cancers besides breast and ovarian that individuals with the BRCA1 mutation could be susceptible to.

“I did get this gene mutation from my dad, there’s a 50/50 percent chance that my kids could have it,” said Emily.

Because of Emily’s extensive family history of cancer, she decided to undergo surgery after her child was born to reduce her risk of getting ovarian cancer.

“I had a full hysterectomy because I don’t want to leave my kids behind. I think it makes me hopeful that I will have a long life.” – Emily Madden.

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