Prostate cancer is a common cancer affecting men, and historically the most common approach to treatment would be either surgery or radiation therapy. However, not all prostate cancer may need treatment and this one-size-fits-all approach to prostate cancer care has resulted in the overtreatment or undertreatment of the disease.

That’s where the Prolaris test comes in. Prolaris is a prostate cancer genetic test that helps determine the aggressiveness of each patient’s cancer by analyzing the expression levels of certain cell cycle progression genes. This information is then used to personalize cancer treatment plans and ensure that each patient receives the most appropriate treatment for that individual.

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Genetic testing of your tumor using the Prolaris prostate cancer prognostic test identifies important details to better understand how quickly your cancer is growing and how aggressive it is. This information can tell you and your provider if you’re safe to avoid treatment in favor of active surveillance, or if it makes sense to pursue surgery, radiation, or other forms of treatment.

In conclusion, Prolaris is a valuable tool for personalizing treatment plans for prostate cancer patients. By providing unique and actionable information, patients and their physicians are now able to choose the most appropriate treatment plan for them.

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