Prolaris now has 2 validated thresholds to make treatment decisions easier

Prolaris is a prognostic, tumor-based biomarker test that measures the aggressiveness of your patient’s prostate tumor. Combining tumor aggressiveness with traditional, diagnostic features such as PSA, Gleason, and tumor stage, Prolaris provides a better answer for every man with prostate cancer regardless of risk group.

Using our industry leading, clinically validated thresholds, Prolaris can confidently identify:

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Improve patient outcomes

After prostate cancer treatment, it’s not uncommon for androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) or radiation therapy (RT) to be administered in hopes to reduce recurrence. However, a recent study from Radiation Oncologist Jonathan Tward M.D., Ph.D, has discovered there is little to no benefit of ADT for select men. the video below to see how the Prolaris test results can customize your prostate cancer care.

Is your patient’s prostate cancer hereditary?

Myriad also offers a suite of germline testing solutions to determine if your patient has an underlying mutation that may have caused their cancer. Knowing your patient’s germline status is crucial in making treatment decisions and your management may need to be more aggressive if they are at higher risk.

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Todd Cohen, MD
VP Medical Affairs Medical Director Urology
Myriad Genetic Laboratories

Dr. Todd Cohen joined Myriad as the VP of Medical Affairs/Medical Director for Urology in March 2019. He studied medicine at the University of Rochester, completed his residency at the Cleveland Clinic, and continued his education with a fellowship in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Duke University. Dr. Cohen co-founded Carolina Urology Partners (CUP) in Charlotte, North Carolina and served as CEO for 7 years before coming to Myriad.

Rob Finch, M.S., CGC Certified Genetic Counselor
Medical Science Liaison Myriad Genetic Laboratories

Rob Finch is a Certified Genetic Counselor. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Human Genetics from the University of Pittsburgh in May 2001. Rob worked at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where he led the Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Registry, as well as provided risk assessments and genetic testing to patients through the Clinical Genetics Service. In September 2003, Rob joined the Myriad Genetics team, where he has served as a Regional Medical Specialist and Institutional Account Executive for the Oncology Division and currently serves as a Medical Science Liaison for the Urology Division.