Al Piazza had just retired and was ready to spend time with his wife and grandchildren when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was devastated to hear the news that he had cancer. Al’s first impression was to remove it as soon as possible. Based on stories he had heard about cancer, he couldn’t remember the end result ever being good.

Fortunately, Al’s doctor was knowledgeable about Prolaris and had used it with other patients in the past. He convinced Al that before he made any treatment decisions to try Prolaris. Al agreed to Prolaris testing and was pleased to find out that the chance of his cancer progressing over the next ten years was less than 3%.

As soon as Al heard the news his whole attitude changed. He described it as taking a huge weight off of his shoulders. Al and his doctor decided on the treatment route of active surveillance. He now meets with his doctor every six months for a blood test and exam to make sure nothing has changed.

Al’s prostate cancer is manageable because of Prolaris. Knowing where his future was headed gave him relief in knowing he was going to be okay. Without the Prolaris test, Al would have likely gone with his first thought of removing the cancer without knowing the aggressiveness of it. In addition, Prolaris gave Al his life back by giving him his future back.

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