Many men diagnosed with prostate cancer have a hard time making a decision on a correct treatment plan. The decision is usually to either wait and watch to see if the cancer grows, or choose a more aggressive treatment option. Unfortunately, most men tend to select the aggressive option too often. In order for you and your doctor to make more informed decisions about a prostate cancer treatment plan that is right for you, choose Prolaris.

Prolaris has been shown to be more predictive than PSA, Gleason score and other features for ten-year prostate cancer mortality. Before Prolaris, doctors could see that the cancer was present and how advanced it was but, having a Prolaris score provides you and your doctor with new and different information beyond that. Prolaris tests how fast the cancer cells are growing along with the aggressiveness of your individual prostate cancer. In knowing this information, you will be able to better choose a treatment plan that is right for you.

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