Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Myriad germline testing improves your outcome

There are now advanced therapies for men with metastatic prostate cancer. Knowing your individual, genetic mutation status is THE ONLY WAY to determine if you qualify for these new treatments. The Myriad MyRisk test was designed to quickly and accurately provide you and your physician with personalized genetic results. These enable you and your doctor to confidently tailor your individual treatment plan.

    Germline testing has broad insurance coverage, including Medicare, and most patients pay $0

    National cancer guidelines recommend germline testing for men with metastatic prostate cancer

    The option to test directly from home is available

Advanced cancer treatments

Up to 1 in 6 men with prostate cancer have a genetic mutation that may have caused their cancer.1 Cancer cells with germline HRR mutations, like BRCA1, BRCA2, or ATM are more susceptible to treatments that directly or indirectly damage DNA. If you carry a BRCA mutation, your cancer cells are more likely to respond to newer treatments like PARP inhibitor therapy.

What is BRCA1?

Both men and women have BRCA genes. Normally, the proteins produced by the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes prevent cells from developing into cancer. When one of these genes has a mutation, the cell has a hard time preventing tumors from growing. This can cause an increased risk for cancer.

Testing overview

With a simple blood or saliva test, Myriad can let you and your physician know if you have a genetic mutation causing your cancer, and if you may be a candidate for advanced cancer therapies.

Blood or saliva sample is collected

Sample is sent directly to Myriad

Your physician will receive your confidential results and inform you if you are eligible for advanced cancer therapies

  1. Prevalence of Germline Variants in Prostate Cancer and Implications for Current Genetic Testing Guidelines Nicolosi et al. JAMA Oncol 2019