Understanding the Prolaris® report

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Understanding the Prolaris report

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Prolaris is a cell-cycle proliferation-based biomarker that determines how aggressive your patients cancer is behaving. Prolaris eliminates guesswork around cancer risk by combining clinical and pathological features with a personalized tumor aggressiveness score.

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Interactive Report Guide

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Interactive Report Guide

Hover/tap on each section of the sample Prolaris Biopsy Report to learn more about each segment.

Prolaris Molecular Score

The Prolaris Molecular Score is calculated by measuring the expression of 31 cell cycle progression (CCP) genes in the tumor. This predicts the behavior of the tumor. The majority of Prolaris Molecular Scores fall between 1-11, with a higher score indicating more aggressive cancer.

Risk Assessment

Clinical variables and the Prolaris Molecular Score are combined to calculate a patient’s risk assessment.

Active Surveillance

Men with low Prolaris scores are identified as being safe for active surveillance and may initially be spared unnecessary treatment, significantly impacting their quality of life.

Single-Modal Treatment

Men who are NOT considered safe for active surveillance are identified as candidates for single-modal therapy, which is defined as one therapy planned at the treatment onset.

Multi-Modal Treatment

Men who are not considered safe to pursue single-modal treatment are identified as candidates for multi-modal therapy, which is defined as either radiation with androgen deprivation or surgery with intensified therapy per guideline recommendations.

DSM description

A patient’s 10-year risk of disease specific mortality when choosing Active Surveillance. See risk assessment detail page for more information.

Mets description

A patient’s 10-year risk of developing metastatic cancer when choosing single-modal treatment like surgery or radiation.

ARR description

A patient’s 10–year risk of metastasis when choosing Radiation Therapy AND Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)

When Pursuing Active Surveillance

Patients with a 10-year risk of Disease Specific Mortality (DSM) within the green box are considered candidates for AS. This threshold was validated on conservatively managed patients with DSM as the primary outcome.

When Pursuing Active Treatment

For a patient considering single modal treatment, the 10-year risk of metastasis is shown within the blue box. This threshold was validated on patients treated with single-modal therapy, with metastasis as the primary endpoint.

When Considering The Addition Of Hormone Therapy To Radiation Therapy

Absolute Risk Reduction is an individualized assessment of how adding hormone therapy (ADT) to Radiation Therapy (RT) may reduce a patient’s risk of metastasis over the next 10 years

Risk Stratification Details

The patient’s risk of Disease Specific Mortality or metastasis is represented with a person icon. This person is compared to other patients within their NCCN risk group (based on clinical parameters alone). The average DSM risk of each NCCN category is shown with a triangle. The active surveillance threshold is indicated by a dashed line The multi-modal threshold is indicated with a dotted line.

Test Description and References

The test description and references are provided on the final page of the report.

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