Virtual Care FAQs

Virtual Care Services – Process

Virtual Care & Hereditary Cancer Testing Costs

  • How much do virtual care services cost?
    Through Myriad Genetics’ partnership with Genome Medical, virtual care services currently cost $42.
  • What does the $42 virtual care cost cover?
    Your $42 payment covers the cost for a Genome Medical clinician to review the information you will provide in our health history questionnaire and determine if you should proceed with hereditary cancer testing. This $42 cost is incurred regardless of whether the clinician determines you are eligible to proceed.
  • Can I get reimbursed for virtual care services by my insurance provider?
    No; at this time, the virtual care services provided by Genome Medical are not reimbursable by insurance. However, you may be able to use your HSA or FSA card for your virtual care payment.
  • Does the $42 virtual care price cover the cost of my hereditary cancer test?
    No, your $42 virtual care payment does not cover the cost of running the MyRisk(TM) test itself. Myriad Genetics will provide you with an estimate for the cost of the test from your insurance provider after we have received your sample.
  • What is the cost of getting a hereditary cancer test?
    Your cost of hereditary cancer testing depends on several factors, including your insurance plan, your remaining deductible, and your financial assistance eligibility. Before running your test, we will contact you directly with a cost estimate after checking your insurance benefits and eligibility. Most patients have complete coverage for genetic testing. About 95% of private insurers have coverage for testing, and 90% of testing patients pay $0 out-of-pocket.
  • How do I know if my insurance will cover the cost of a hereditary cancer test?
    By providing your insurance information as part of your medical questionnaire, Myriad will use this to work with your insurance provider and generate a cost estimate for your test.
  • What is considered in a cost estimate?
    We consider your insurance plan (if applicable), your remaining deductible, and your financial assistance eligibility. If you are unsatisfied with your estimate, you have the option to cancel your test at no charge; please note that once your test is processed, we are unable to cancel your test. Also note that any cancellation at this stage will not result in a refund for your $42 virtual care services.
  • Does Myriad Genetics offer financial assistance to cover the cost of my hereditary cancer test?
    Yes, Myriad offers financial assistance options for out-of-pocket costs due to low or no insurance coverage. These options will be explained to you when you receive a cost estimate after your test is ordered and you have submitted a sample to our laboratory. If you decide not to proceed with processing your test after receiving a cost estimate, your insurance will not be billed.

Virtual Care Refunds

  • Do you offer refunds for Virtual Care services?
    No, refunds are not offered for Virtual Care services at this time. Your $42 virtual care payment covers the cost of Genome Medical’s review of your health history after you complete our detailed questionnaire. This service is incurred regardless of whether you are deemed eligible to test or if you decide to proceed with testing after receiving your cost estimate. We do want you to be satisfied with your Virtual Care services. If you are not happy with your experience for any reason, please contact Myriad Genetics directly at
    (800) 469-7423 or [email protected].