Jayson Falkner gave a talk at a recent Django Meetup in San Francisco on the advanced use of Django’s QuerySet API based on lessons learned at Counsyl.
Below are the slides and audio.
[slideshare id=27113252&doc=efficient-django-queryset-use-131011172930-phpapp01]

You’ll learn how to debug, optimize and use the QuerySet API efficiently. The main examples focus on demystifying how QuerySet maps to SQL and how seemingly simple Python code, presumably fast O(1) queries, can result in unacceptably long runtime and often O(N) or worse queries. Solutions are provided for keeping your Python code simple and RDMS use performant.
Jayson’s code can be found on GitHub.

Jayson Falkner, software engineer at Counsyl
Jayson Falkner, software engineer at Counsyl

Jayson Falker is a software developer for Counsyl. He has an EEN/CS degree and a PhD in Bioinformatics. He is a long-time open-source Linux/Java/Web developer, book author, and presenter. He has focused on proteomics and genomics research since the mid-2000’s, including working for a few years at startups and for Dow AgroSciences. Jayson is quick to get his geek on and also loves to build ridiculous side-projects, including a 6′ tall Jenga set that weighs 300lbs and mobile apps that give you awesome virtual mustaches.

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