Saliva collection kit instructions

These instructions are for medical professionals or patients

Before you start

This kit is to be used for the following tests:

DO NOT eat, drink (not even water), smoke, chew gum, or brush your teeth for AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to collecting your sample. It may take some time to generate a full sample, but it is important that you provide at least the recommended volume of saliva, as indicated by the fill line.

If you are having difficulty providing enough saliva to reach above the fill line, try rubbing your cheeks to produce more saliva.

Step 1

Spit into funnel until amount of liquid saliva (not bubbles) reaches the fill line shown in above image.

Step 2

Hold the tube upright with one hand. Close the funnel lid with the other hand (as shown) by firmly pushing the lid until you hear a loud click. Stabilizing liquid should release into the tube to mix with the saliva. Make sure that the lid is closed tightly.

Step 3

Hold the tube upright. Unscrew the funnel from the tube.

Step 4

Use the small cap provided in the kit to close the tube tightly.

Step 5

Shake the capped tube for 5 seconds. Discard or recycle the funnel.

Step 6

Write your full name, your date of birth, and the collection date on the tube.

Step 7

Seal the tube in the specimen bag.

Step 8

Place the specimen bag in the kit box. Keep the patient card with your unique sample barcode for your records.

Step 9

Seal the kit box in the FedEx Clinical Pak with prepaid postage affixed.

Step 10

Return the prepaid mailer to our lab by FedEx. You can do this by scheduling a free pickup either through or by calling 1-800-GoFedex (1-800-463-3339). Unfortunately, FedEx office locations and FedEx drop boxes will not accept the mailer.

Need further assistance?

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