Myriad Internships 2

Myriad is on the cutting edge of science and medicine. We are dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life of patients worldwide. At Myriad we strive to answer the most pressing questions a patient faces across major disease areas, including oncology, preventive care, urology, dermatology, autoimmune diseases and neuroscience. Our products are focused on critical areas of healthcare where high value diagnostics can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life for patients by mitigating the physical toll of such diseases, while increasing the quality of patient care and lowering the overall cost to the healthcare system.

At Myriad, Interns are an important part of the team. Myriad is a place where students can thrive and, have opportunities to take their ideas and passion to the next level. We provide hands- on experience to develop your skills by giving you challenging projects that put you working alongside industry experts.


“My internship with the Variant Specialist Team at Myriad has greatly influenced my career path. I learned about a growing field by working in one of its most well established players. As my scientific skills were honed, I also gained a broader perspective of business in the biotech world and found my niche. The wide spectrum of projects I worked on kept me constantly engaged in my work, and helped me decide to continue on this path once I graduated. I appreciated the internship program so much that I continue to be involved with mentoring the interns today!”



“The internship program was instrumental for me to transition into a new career. After defending my Ph.D. from the University of Utah in molecular biology, I was interested in learning more about the commercial side of the biotech industry. I was fortunate enough to land a marketing internship in the Oncology Business Unit. This position allowed me to utilize my scientific background while I explored a career in marketing in a professional environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship where I gained on-the-job experience in marketing and was able to transition into a full-time position.”


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