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At Myriad, we understand the critical role that healthcare professionals play as gatekeepers of disease information and management. Providing accurate, up-to-date information on genetic testing and how gene panel tests can be used to improve patient care in daily practice is part of our commitment to healthcare professionals.

Like you, Myriad is focused on every aspect of the disease process, from assessing risk and ensuring rapid and accurate diagnosis, to predicting disease progression and guiding treatment decisions. MyriadPro is the one-stop hub for providers with up-to-date information on hereditary cancer testing as well as tools that help you in your daily practice.

Myriad also invites you to join the conversation on social media or find out how Myriad tests are making a significant difference in the lives of real people.

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Myriad Genetics + Gateway Genomics – Supporting women on their pregnancy journey  

By: Melissa Gonzales - President, Women’s Health, Myriad Genetics  When the big moment comes and parents learn they are having a baby, life changes and anticipation runs high.  For many pare...

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