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Know their risk, protect their future.

Every patient has a risk of developing cancer. A simple genetic test can reveal which patients would benefit from additional screening and care, so you can take action, help improve outcomes, and help more patients than ever before.

MyRisk® with RiskScore® is the all-in-one hereditary cancer test, risk assessment, and care plan.

Meet MyRisk® with RiskScore®

The all-in-one hereditary cancer test, risk assessment, and care plan.

Build a comprehensive high-risk program that helps more patients than ever with MyRisk, a powerful tool that evaluates 48 genes associated with 11 different hereditary cancers. Combined with RiskScore to provide patients with their 5-year and lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, MyRisk is more than a test. It’s the foundation for personalized care plans you can use to make confident decisions and help improve patient outcomes.

Strive towards standard of care

Access to genetic risk assessment means access to the life-changing benefits of increased screening and early detection. ACR and SBI now recommend that all women, especially black women and those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, should be evaluated for breast cancer risk no later than age 30, so that those at higher risk can be identified and can benefit from supplemental screening.

Help improve outcomes with high-risk care plans

Among patients who qualify for genetic testing, 56%1 will require a medical management change due to their individualized cancer risk. Knowing your patients’ risk allows more informed clinical recommendations, such as increased screening, risk-reducing interventions, and family member screening.

1Myriad Internal Data based on OBGYN and Primary Care Settings, Sept 2019

plays Kim's videolightbox

Meet Kim, a breast cancer survivor and mother of two. MyRisk® with RiskScore® gave Kim additional screening options that ultimately caught an elusive cancer not visible on her mammogram.

MyRisk is more than a test

Most hereditary cancer tests only produce positive or negative results. MyRisk takes this a step further, including the MyRisk Management Tool in every report. This easy-to-use guide breaks down everything you need to know about using these results to inform your patient’s personal care plan today and in the future.

Give your patients a complete answer

When it comes to assessing breast cancer risk, MyRisk with RiskScore® offers personalized care plans that your practice can use to help improve patient outcomes.

What’s RiskScore?

For patients who receive a negative test result, RiskScore is a component of the MyRisk test that expands beyond Tyrer-Cuzick, providing a more accurate and personalized estimate of their likelihood to develop breast cancer over the next 5 years and lifetime. This personalized result guides patients and providers to make more confident and informed medical decisions for managing cancer risk including supplemental screening such as breast MRI.

For patients of all ancestries

As the only hereditary cancer test designed for patients of all ancestries, MyRisk with RiskScore helps you give more patients answers about their cancer risks than ever before.

More direction for more patients

56%1 of patients tested with MyRisk qualify for a change in their medical management vs. approximately 10%1 expected if tested with other labs.

1Myriad Internal Data based on OBGYN and Primary Care Settings, Sept 2019

A partner to your practice

Integrating hereditary cancer risk testing into your practice has never been easier with our second-to-none expert support and easy-to-use MyRisk Management Tool. These solutions simplify interpreting results and implementing personalized care plans, which may include increased screening and surveillance.

27 years of genetic insights
First-class support
Easy-to-read results

Myriad CompleteTM

Get support every step of the way

We support patients and healthcare providers throughout the genetic testing process through seamless workflow solutions including patient identification tools, pre and post-test education with Board Certified Genetic Counselors, radiology information system (RIS) and EMR integrations, clear results reporting, and more.

These services allow for simple integration of Myriad Genetics’s tests into your center’s clinical care and help your patients better understand and benefit from their results.