October is here and it is breast cancer awareness month. I celebrate this month like some people celebrate Halloween or Christmas. Every year, I look forward to the world colored in pink. The pink ribbons, the pink lights on the Empire State Building, the photo tributes to survivors all over the media, and all the things we might buy anyway, but know that part of the proceeds will go to a great cause when we do so in October!

This year, it’s even more personal to me. Although I have worked for Myriad Genetics for many years, my own family didn’t resemble a hereditary breast and ovarian cancer family. Still, I did have a very high riskScore. The decision to get tested, the testing journey, and the decisions you make afterward are all very personal. I support ALL women and all the different choices that they make along this journey.

For me, I recently made the decision to undergo surgery and have never regretted it. As the surgery got closer, I wondered if now was the best time; my son is seven years old. What if something happened to me and he was left without a mom? Ultimately, I knew that I could be looking at a much more difficult path if I had waited.

Whenever you talk to women who have gone through this journey, they often use the word, “empowered” and I always wondered why. I now know why everyone uses that word and that is exactly how I feel every day. It’s empowered me to be more bold in all aspects of my life; to take control, not hesitate, and do what is right for the people you care about.

This year, Myriad is proud to partner with Bright Pink on a campaign to “Mask Up for Mammograms”, encouraging women to not skip out on breast health, but instead, to “mask up” and go in and have their mammograms.  Please join us in taking the pledge to #MaskUpforMammograms! Or give a donation here: https://brightpink.org/myriad-sign-up-page/

As always, to start your journey, visit: https://hereditarycancerquiz.com

Cancer doesn’t stop, and neither will we.

Nicole Lambert

President, Myriad Genetic Laboratories