In my new role as Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs of Myriad Oncology, I want to be completely accessible to our providers. Because of COVID-19, Myriad Oncology wanted to come up with a digital solution for this accessibility, which is why I started a weekly live webinar series – Myriad Oncology Live. This webinar serves as an open door directly to Myriad Oncology Medical Affairs leadership, which includes myself and our Director of Medical Affairs, Shelly Cummings, MS, CGC, among others.

Every week we will host an hour-long casual webinar based on relevant topics in cancer genetics (i.e., RNA, PRS, variant reclassifications, germline and somatic testing, therapeutic companion diagnostics, etc.). To make the series more accessible, the dates and times are staggered, and we will try to cover the same topic on more than one occasion.

The webinar series is geared towards a clinical audience who wants to learn about molecular diagnostics in cancer care. I encourage providers to come ready to ask questions. Questions can be asked through direct discussion or a chat feature. We will also have interactive polls and content experts from Myriad to promote lively discussions. The attendance and discussion thus far have been great, and I know the webinars will continue to grow in popularity. I hope to see you at an upcoming Myriad Oncology Live! Please click below to view upcoming dates and topics and to access the corresponding registration links.

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