Welcome to the new Myriad Oncology website! For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to giving healthcare providers and patients answers they can trust. From hereditary cancer risk to precision medicine results, Myriad Oncology has a suite of tests that can be easily integrated into your practice and be a key component in forming your patient’s treatment plan.

Focusing on eight cancer types and providing critical answers in a timely manner, Myriad Oncology
believes in accurate, accessible, and affordable tests to benefit both providers and patients. In order to
be a trusted advisor to you, your staff, your practice, and your patients, Myriad Oncology can provide
you with educational resources, information on all our products, tools for your staff and practice,
affordability and financial assistance programs for patients, and a lifetime commitment to giving the
best results possible for you and your patient.

With over 3 million patients tested, Myriad Oncology will continue on our mission of creating products
that improve patient lives.

What Does Myriad Oncology Offer?

Illuminating the path to better health through genetic insights

Our tests and screens reveal information to guide patients and providers to better health and well-being. Whether you’re searching for answers related to cancer risk, cancer treatment, prenatal care or mental health, Myriad screens and tests can help.