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Genetic tests can reveal the answers inside each of us, shedding light on powerful information to guide patients and providers on the path to better health

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Genetic insights make healthcare personal

Throughout our lives, genes can provide individualized insights to help patients and their providers better detect, treat and prevent diseases.

Genetic screening and testing can help detect powerful information to inform healthcare decisions and improve patient outcomes. Whether you’re planning the healthiest pregnancy possible or want to understand your risk of developing certain cancers, genes can be your guide.

Genetic testing allows patients and their providers to better understand certain cancers, so they know how to best treat them. By unlocking targeted therapies, advanced treatment options and clinical trials, genetic information can help create clarity amid the complexity of cancer treatment decisions.

Genetic insights today mean smarter healthcare decisions tomorrow. Understanding the hereditary risk of cancer or a cancer’s aggressiveness can help prevent the onset or progression of disease, creating better outcomes and more peace of mind. 

Why Myriad Genetics?

Paving the way

For more than 30 years, we’ve partnered with the healthcare community to advance the science of genetic testing and precision medicine. And we’re working diligently every day to push what’s possible for the millions of people who test with our products.

Insights for everyone

Every day is an opportunity to expand genetic testing to reach every person – to improve lives. Increasing health equity and designing more accessible tests are actions we take in support of our mission to advance health and well-being for all.

Actionable results

We place a strong emphasis on results that our patients and providers can easily understand. Because what good are genetic insights if they’re difficult to interpret? Our reporting connects the dots between raw information and course of action. Because better answers lead to better outcomes.

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AMPLIFY™ Technology Enhances Prenatal Screening for 22q11.2 Microdeletion

For any parent, learning after delivery that their baby may have a serious chromosomal condition can be heartbreaking and scary. Unfortunately, some conditions are very difficult to detect during pregnancy without invasive diagnostic testing, which may not be indicated for a young, healthy pregnant person with a typically progressing pregnancy.    Such is the case with …

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Powerful tests to illuminate life-changing insights

  • Myrisk™ Hereditary Cancer Test

    Identifies risk of developing 11 hereditary cancers

  • EndoPredict® Breast Cancer Prognostic Test

    Identifies risk of breast cancer recurrence to inform treatment strategies

  • BRACAnalysis CDx® Germline Companion Diagnostic Test

    Identifies BRCA1/2 mutations to inform treatment strategies

  • MyChoice® CDx Myriad HRD Companion Diagnostic Test

    Identifies HRD status to inform treatment strategies

  • Prolaris® Prostate Cancer Prognostic Test

    Identifies prostate cancer aggressiveness to inform treatment strategies

  • Foresight® Carrier Screen

    Identifies at-risk couples for a pregnancy affected by inherited conditions

  • Prequel® Prenatal Screen

    Identifies risk of chromosomal conditions for expectant parents

  • Identifies fetal sex as early as six weeks into pregnancy

  • GeneSight® Mental Health Medication Test

    Identifies how genes affect outcomes with certain mental health medications

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