In order to adapt to the changing healthcare environment and patients’ needs, Myriad has expanded its patient education services to support patients at home. This will help practices who are utilizing telehealth to reach their patients by allowing clinicians to order Myriad’s genetic tests and screens remotely with patient education support throughout the testing process. Myriad’s Patient Education Team, a group of board-certified genetic counselors, is available to offer remote pre- and post-test education to help appropriate patients get the genetic testing they need.  

Here are three ways in which Myriad can help provide your patients with education about genetic testing: 

1) For Patients You’re Seeing Primarily Through Telehealth: Patient Education Powered by myGeneHistory Provides the Most Virtual Support 

The Patient Education Team can now be linked to our digital screening tool, myGeneHistory, to offer patients pre-test education for Myriad’s myRisk Hereditary Cancer Test. Practices can send this short quiz to patients to help identify who is appropriate for testing. If a patient is identified to be at risk, they can follow up with a call to one of Myriad’s Patient Educators, a board-certified genetic counselor, for pre-test education about Myriad’s myRisk Hereditary Cancer Test.  Once the conversation has ended, the patient’s healthcare provider will be emailed the patient’s personal and family history of cancer, a chart note of the discussion and a test requisition form (TRF) to be completed by the healthcare provider.   

Healthcare providers need to schedule a virtual visit with appropriate patients to obtain the patient’s informed consent and to select the appropriate test. For virtual ordering, simply have the ordering provider email the virtual order cover sheet and test request form to [email protected] and Myriad will ship a kit directly to the patient. 

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Practice distributes myGeneHistory URL through email with information about program

Patients identified to be at risk follow up with Myriad’s Patient Education Team for pre-test education

Provider completes the test request form and informed consent before ordering the appropriate test

Providers will need to work with their local Myriad representative to start utilizing Patient Education Powered by myGeneHistory for hereditary cancer testing. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to your local representative or fill out this form to be contacted about Patient Education powered by myGeneHistory. 

2) For Patients You’ll be Shipping Genetic Testing Kits to: All Virtual Orders Are Supported by Myriad’s Patient Education Team 

Patients being tested through Myriad’s virtual ordering process, which allows a kit to be shipped to a patient’s home, also have access to the Patient Education Team. If the patient has any questions throughout the testing process, they can contact one of Myriad’s patient educators, who are board-certified genetic counselors to learn more about our genetic tests or their results. This service is available for myRisk, Foresight and Prequel tests. The contact information for the Patient Education Team is included with the test kit instructions. 

3) For all Patients, Regardless if They’re Coming into Your Clinic or Not: Educational Videos Can Be Accessed on a Phone with a Quick Text 

For all your patients, regardless if they’re getting a kit shipped to them or receiving it in person at the clinic, Myriad’s patient education videos can be used to help support your educational efforts around the Myriad genetic tests and screens. Prior to ordering, you can share any of our educational videos from our YouTube channel or have your patients simply text a keyword, such as SCREENS, to 99150. This will send a video link through text. 

Educational Videos for Patients: 

  • Prequel Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Education: Text NIPS to 99150  
  • Foresight Carrier Screening Education: Text CARRIER to 99150  
  • Genetic Screening Overview: Text SCREENS to 99150 
  • myRisk Cancer Risk Assessment Education: Text CRA to 99150 
  • Spanish videos are available by adding “ESP” before the keyword (e.g., ESPCRA) 

Message and data rates may apply. Terms & conditions/privacy policy. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to your local representative or fill out this form to be contacted about our patient education services. 

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