Research has shown that AGG interruption analysis can help us provide you and your patients who are found to be fragile X premutation carriers with a more refined reproductive risk. [1, 2] 

A higher number of AGG interruptions is associated with a lower risk of expansion. By counting the number of AGG repeats present, we can help refine the risk of a woman having a child affected with fragile X syndrome. [1, 2]

Counsyl is excited to announce that we are now offering AGG interruption analysis for select fragile X orders. [3]


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Applicable to ~1 in 200 women tested:* 

1. Patients identified with 55-90 CGG repeats for fragile X syndrome will automatically receive AGG interruption analysis via Asuragen. There will be no additional charge for this feature.

2. A preliminary Foresight™ Carrier Screen report will be issued within the normal two week turnaround time with Fragile X CGG repeat results and an final report will be issued within 3 weeks of the preliminary report with the results of the AGG interruption analysis.

3. AGG interruption analysis can not be performed on saliva samples. If a saliva sample returns with 55-90 CGG repeats, a secondary blood collection kit will be sent to your clinic in order to complete AGG analysis.

*Based on internal data

An updated informed consent form is necessary to cover this analysis. Log into to access this updated form.

Note: AGG interruption analysis is not available for international orders

Questions? Contact [email protected] or reach out directly to your Counsyl representative.

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