We are excited to announce new names for all of our genetic screens as well as industry-leading improvements to our flagship carrier screening test.

Introducing our new product names

We are excited to introduce our new names to further emphasize the benefits that each genetic screen offers to healthcare providers and their patients. Beginning Wednesday, July 19, the following new product names will appear in all materials and communications from Counsyl:


  • Counsyl Foresight™ Carrier Screen
    (formerly Family Prep Screen)
  • Counsyl Prelude™  Prenatal Screen
    (formerly Informed Pregnancy Screen)
  • Counsyl Reliant™ Cancer Screen
    (formerly Inherited Cancer Screen)

Thank you in advance for your continued support during this transition. Need a quick reference card?

Frequently asked questions:

For providers and patients

Why are you changing your product names?
Our previous product names were long and difficult to remember. Our new names more clearly convey the benefits that each test offers and we hope that they resonate more with both patients and providers.
How will this impact patients who are currently awaiting test results?
Patient samples in process on or after July 19 will be resulted with the new names. We will notify these patients directly via email. Any report issued prior to July 19 will not reflect the new names. The name update will not have any impact on results turnaround time.
When should providers and patients begin using the new names?  
Wednesday, July 19 — that’s when the new names will begin showing up in all materials and communications from Counsyl, including test results, emails, websites…etc.

For providers

When and how can I access new patient brochures and other materials?
Updated patient brochures, paper requisitions, and a quick reference card will be available to order beginning July 19 on counsyl.com/healthcare. Materials can also be requested through your local Counsyl representative.
Can I still use the same Counsyl collection kits?
Yes. Beginning July 19, we will be shipping out collection kits with new stickers reflecting the new names. However, clinics are not expected to dispose of any current kits with the old stickers. We will accept any kit that is not expired.
Can I still use materials with the old test names on them?
Yes. Counsyl will still accept paper requisitions and collection kits with the old names on them. To help limit confusion, we do recommend that clinics update patient brochures and other core materials beginning July 19. New materials can be requested through your local Counsyl representative.

More questions about these upcoming changes? Contact your Counsyl representative or reach out to our support team.

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