Meet Katie McCurdy*. She is a talented photographer who has traveled the world to create vibrant, expressive images that capture authentic and intimate moments. She is also the daughter of a breast cancer survivor.

We met Katie as we were looking for the right photographer to capture our brand look and feel. Katie told us she felt connected with the Myriad Women’s Health mission to ensure that every woman has access to transformative genetic insights as she shared the personal story of her mom’s health situation. This strong woman who has previously worked taking care of kids with special needs, and gave so much to those around her, was diagnosed with breast cancer at a routine exam and had to pause to take time to receive support and to care for herself.

“You don’t think about it for yourself until you see it happen in your life.”


Witnessing her mom’s cancer journey has prompted Katie to be more proactive in her own health. It has highlighted the importance of screening at a young age. “I believe in taking advantage of the latest innovations and technology to get screened annually. You don’t think about it for yourself until you see it happen in your life,” she reflected.
Myriad Women’s Health genetic screens and tests provide actionable information, empowering women and their families to make critical and timely healthcare decisions, whether they’re thinking about starting a family or evaluating risk for cancer. Our brand centers on “Human Understanding,” meaning that, at our core, we are about human connection, keeping people at the center of everything we do, helping them to understand the human genome and to gain personal clarity.
Katie told us that working together on our brand to convey our message of Human Understanding was a therapeutic, healing moment for her. She was, and is still, excited about the work that she does and about the work that we do. “Stay on top of your health and don’t let it take a back seat – if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. With the technology out there now, why not go get checked out, so you can have that information to give yourself the best chance?”

Don’t let your health take a back seat. Take our quiz to see if you may be at risk for breast or other types of hereditary cancer. Increase your own Human Understanding.


*Katie McCurdy has been paid by Myriad to collaborate on this post. 

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