Streamlining Cancer Risk Assessment with Digital Tools

November is Family Health History Month and is a good time to bring awareness to the importance of collecting health history from family members, whether they are meeting up virtually or in person. When it comes to hereditary cancer, knowing a patient’s personal and family health history is important for assessing their risk of cancer. And when hereditary cancer risk assessment is a priority, you can optimize their patient care and tailor their medical management.
As your partner in patient care, Myriad Women‘s Health wants to help streamline cancer risk assessment in your practice to ensure appropriate patients are identified.  myGeneHistory™ is an online tool that helps identify those patients who are appropriate for hereditary cancer testing.

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In addition to helping identify patients who may be appropriate for hereditary cancer testing, myGeneHistory™:

  • Is linked to your practice so assessment results are sent to you instantly on our secure provider portal, MyriadPro
  • Can be completed before or during your patient’s appointment so you can minimize their time in your office
  • Pre-populates an Electronic Test Request Form for a smoother ordering process, while reducing the risk of errors
  • Provides an option to send a test kit directly to the patient’s home for easier access to testing
  • Incorporates guidelines from NCCN, USPSTF, and ASBrS for updated, accurate patient identification
  • Provides a simple and easy answer for whether your patient is recommended for hereditary cancer testing


Complete the form below to download a Community Outreach Kit with Family Health History Month information that you can link to the myGeneHistory™ questionnaire for your practice.

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