Our portfolio has expanded to include testing for folate receptor alpha expression – learn more below.

Clarify cancer treatment with Precise™ Oncology Solutions

Through one ordering process, Precise Oncology Solutions can uncover the answers you need to optimize your patients’ treatment plans.

Multiple genetic tests, one seamless experience

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One platform

Precise Oncology Solutions combines germline and somatic testing onto one platform to help you and your staff save time, and get faster answers for your patients.

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Clear results

Test results arrive quickly, with an easy-to-interpret summary sheet to help you clarify your treatment decisions.

A robust suite of germline and somatic tests

Your Precise Oncology Solutions order can include genetic and genomic tests to help determine your patients’ treatment options.

Precise Oncology Solutions



BRACAnalysis CDx®









Precise™ Tumor

† For patients with ovarian cancer.

* Precise Tumor, PD-L1, and FOLR1/FRα are powered by Intermountain Precision Genomics, a service of Intermountain Health. Precise Tumor and MyRisk are not approved by the FDA. FOLR1/FRα is an FDA-approved assay performed according to the intended use.

Get the answers you need, every step of the way

Precise Oncology Solutions provides genetic testing options to support your patients’ care, regardless of where they are in their treatment journeys. The accurate genetic insights from our tests can help you choose the appropriate surgical technique or type of chemotherapy, identify patients who may qualify for clinical trials, aid your network of colleagues as they assess patients for additional care, and more.

Join us for the Myriad Genetics Monthly Molecular Tumor Board

Each month, we convene with clinical experts to review patient cases and discuss leading edge treatment strategies.

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Targeted therapy options based on genomic data
  • Prior lines of treatment and their impact on additional lines of therapy
  • Potential hereditary implications of genomic findings

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This is not a CME event.