Speed the path to treatment

Get streamlined answers to take action fast, with comprehensive germline testing, tumor profiling, and companion diagnostic HRD testing.


Speed the path to treatment

Get streamlined answers to take action fast, with comprehensive germline testing, tumor profiling, and companion diagnostic HRD testing.

We simplified germline and somatic testing

Comprehensive accuracy.
From a single, trusted source.

Your patients need every step toward cancer treatment to happen quickly. So we streamlined PreciseTM Oncology Solutions to get you all the germline and somatic insights you need to identify comprehensive treatment options, fast.

Save precious time with customized solutions, like:

  • Seamless workflows tailored to your practice
  • Patient education from Board-Certified Genetic Counselors who collaborate with and support your team
  • Affordable options, so cost won’t be a barrier for your patients

We’ll never stop simplifying to help you and your patients make some of the most complex decisions of their lives—as fast as humanly possible.

Discover Precise Oncology Solutions

Comprehensive germline and somatic biomarker testing

A streamlined summary sheet to speed treatment decisions

Simplified ordering portal

Expert support at each step

90% of patients testing pay $0

Our comprehensive portfolio of tests


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Next generation DNA-based sequencing

  • Establish a thorough hereditary risk assessment to inform surgical and screening guidance
  • Calculate breast cancer risk using RiskScore®, which combines Tyrer-Cuzick V8 with our polygenic risk score, calibrated to include all ancestries


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Companion diagnostic germline testing

  • Rely on DNA-based sequencing to identify breast, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate cancer patients with germline BRCA1/2 variants who may be eligible for PARP-inhibitor therapy

Benefits of every Myriad germline test

  • Obtain the lowest rate of BRCA1/2 variants of uncertain significance (1.2%) with a 48-gene panel1
  • Customize our patient education to suit your practice, including pre- and post-test consultations
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Next generation DNA-based sequencing analysis

  • Identify HRD status in ovarian cancer to determine if patients may be eligible for PARP inhibitor therapy
  • The only FDA-approved assay that establishes HRD status through Genomic Instability Score (GIS)—calculated utilizing loss of heterozygosity (LOH), telomeric allelic imbalance (TAI), and large-scale state transition (LST)
  • MyChoice® CDx can identify 34% more tumors with HRD than other tumor tests that use %LOH alone2
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FOLR1 FRa product signature


PD-L1 product signature

Immunohistochemical (IHC) tissue stains to assess tumor response

  • Folate Receptor Alpha (FRα): FDA-approved assay to identify patients with ovarian cancer who may qualify for treatment with mirvetuximab*
  • PD-L1: Offered together with Precise Tumor to measure protein expression and identify patients who may benefit from immunotherapy

* Mirvetuximab is a product offered by ImmunoGen, Inc.

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Next generation sequencing that evaluates DNA and RNA

  • 500+ genes sequenced, including clinically actionable biomarkers for all solid tumor types
  • Identify key biomarkers to determine treatment options (such as targeted therapy or immunotherapy) available for each individual cancer
  • Evaluate tumor mutational burden
  • Clinical trial matching
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Action-ready genetic insights, to better inform treatment decisions

Develop more personalized care plans and identify which patients may benefit from surgery or PARP-inhibitor therapy. Our comprehensive genetic and genomic answers, expert clinical resources, and customized support services are here for you along each patient’s entire cancer treatment journey.

Quickly determine next steps in treatment

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Surgical Technique

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Targeted Therapies

Type of Chemotherapy

PARP inhibitors can cut disease progression or death for gBRCA patients up to:


Metastatic Breast3







Get to treatment faster with Precise Oncology Solutions

  • A single source for streamlined answers

  • World-class clinical expertise and assistance

  • Treatment-driven results with BRCA expertise

  • Comprehensive testing support—for all

  • Personalized pricing and affordable access

One sheet summarizes each patient’s results

  • When more than one test is ordered, a summarized sheet gives a comprehensive view of all actionable results
  • Each individual test is available in full on the portal with its own easy-to-interpret results summary, to help you minimize additional review and focus on the exact details you need
Precise Oncology Solutions Germline sample report

One workflow for genetic and genomic insights

Easily submit orders online

Our streamlined provider portal helps to make your workflow as efficient as possible. One test request form gets you all the germline, somatic, and HRD tests you need for each patient.

Explore the portal

Collect a germline sample

Your staff simply submits a blood or saliva sample to our lab for your patient’s germline test.

We get the tumor sample

Our laboratory processing staff will contact your pathology partner directly to obtain the tumor sample for any somatic or HRD testing that is ordered.

Customized and simplified

From start to finish, our adaptable suite of workflow solutions can help your practice be more efficient, with EMR/EHR integration, setting up protocols, curating pre- and post-test consultations for your patients, summarizing test results, and more.

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Myriad Collaborative Research Registry

Our registry advances patient care by providing research opportunities and fostering partnerships with clinicians. Sign up to leverage insights of combined de-identified genomic and clinical data, specifically somatic, germline, and genomic instability genetic testing combined with structural clinical data.
Examples of supported analyses include:

  • Explore treatment and medical decision making across cohorts
  • Expand somatic-germline interactions and associations
  • Evaluate outcomes from different treatments based on ancestry, demographics, lifestyle, etc.
  • Compare individual data to aggregate group datasets

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HRD=homologous recombination deficiency; PARP=poly-ADP ribose polymerase; PD-L1=programmed cell death ligand 1.

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