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Answers to better prostate cancer treatment are within you

And where there is knowledge, there is also hope

Myriad Urology’s genetic tests provide personalized information about your prostate cancer, empowering you and your doctor to make informed treatment decisions with confidence.

Answers to better Prostate cancer treatment are within you

And where there is knowledge, there is also hope

Myriad Urology’s genetic tests provide personalized information about your prostate cancer, empowering you and your doctor to make informed treatment decisions with confidence.

How can genetic testing help guide my prostate cancer treatment?

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be scary. Your imagination might be working overtime, playing out best- and worst-case scenarios. It’s normal. There’s so much to consider about which prostate cancer treatment is right for you, and the unknown can be unsettling.

Genetic testing can bring clarity to the uncertainty by providing you and your doctor with specific details on your prostate cancer. This arms both of you with the information needed to select the best prostate cancer treatment option for you.

Genetic testing can help you understand the following:

    What are my chances of surviving prostate cancer?

    Is it safe to observe my cancer, or do I need active treatment like surgery or radiation?

    Am I at risk of my cancer spreading?

    Am I a candidate for new, life-sustaining therapies?

Get the right answers at the right time with genetic testing

There are a few different types of tests to help you better understand your prostate cancer treatment options. Prolaris® Prostate Cancer Prognostic Test is a genetic test that looks at your cancer tumor cells and is known as ”genomic” testing. Myriad MyRisk® Hereditary Cancer Test, known as “germline” testing, tests your DNA to better understand if you have an inherited form of prostate cancer, which can be more aggressive or increase your risk of developing a secondary cancer.

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How does Prolaris personalize your cancer treatment?

Prostate cancer tumor testing

Genetic testing of your tumor using the Prolaris Prostate Cancer Prognostic Test identifies important details to better understand how quickly your cancer is growing and how aggressive it is. This information can tell you and your provider if you’re safe to avoid treatment in favor of active surveillance, or if it makes sense to pursue surgery, radiation, or other forms of treatment.

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Did you know your prostate cancer could be hereditary?

Hereditary cancer occurs when a gene mutation is passed down from parent to child. Hereditary prostate cancer is generally more aggressive, which means that early detection, along with new treatment options, can be lifesaving.

If you’re newly diagnosed or have already been treated, the MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Test can show if you inherited a mutation that may have caused your cancer, your risk of developing a secondary cancer and provide information to inform family members of their potential risk.


Meet Ed Hoppe

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer and screening with the MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Test, Ed discovered his disease had been caused by an inherited gene that may have been passed on to his children. Understanding the genetic link to his cancer allowed Ed to take steps to protect his family’s future health.

“It had affected my family as much as it had affected just me.” – Ed Hoppe

Explore our genetic tests for prostate cancer treatment

MyRisk™ product signature

MyRisk is a germline test that offers a multi-gene panel to determine a patient’s risk of developing secondary cancers, as well as their children’s risk for the same germline mutations. MyRisk can also qualify patients for newer, personalized treatments such as PARP and immunotherapy.

Precise™ Tumor product signature

A somatic test that assesses 500+ genes, as well as key biomarkers like MSI, TMB and PD-L1, to determine if a patient’s tumor may be appropriate for novel therapies or clinical trials.

Prolaris® product signature

A cell-cycle proliferation-based biomarker that provides results as early as your patient’s first cancer consultation and determines how aggressive the cancer is behaving. Prolaris eliminates guesswork around cancer risk by combining clinical and pathological features with a personalized tumor aggressiveness score.

Your ally in prostate cancer treatment

Myriad has invested over 30 years in developing tests and solutions that help provide the best answers and care possible.
Our tests are:


Myriad is committed to providing patients with access to accurate and affordable genetic results through excellent insurance coverage and financial assistance programs.


Myriad tests offer industry-leading accuracy so you can feel confident in the results. From hereditary cancer to precision medicine, our tests are designed to give providers and patients the most accurate answers possible.


Myriad makes genetic testing simple with clear, actionable results. We create easy-to-understand reports to ensure that both patients and their providers can use the information to guide treatment options based on national medical guidelines.


Myriad believes that results and genetic information belong to the patient. We take multiple steps to ensure that the security and privacy of patient data is not compromised, and we believe that patients should be in control of their information.

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